MICHAEL DAVITT, Freelance Radical and Frondeur

"MICHAEL DAVITT - Freelance Radical and Frondeur", written by Dr. Laurence Marley, is now on sale at the Michael Davitt Museum, Straide, Co, Mayo in paperback, priced 27Euro.

This anthology on the Political life of Davitt has been favourably reviewed by press and historians alike.

"An important contribution to the history of the development of Labour Politics in these islands", Oliver Rafferty- Irish Times.

"Adds considerably to our understanding of the political career of Michael Davitt". Andrew Shield- Irish Historic studies

"Marley offers what is probably the fullest analysis yet made of the ideas of any Irish political figure between 1882---1912".Matthew Kelly- English Historical Review.

The Museum is open 7 days each week, from 10am to 6pm. Come and view the many artefacts we have on display, including posters announcing Land League meetings, many personal photographs of family and siblings, addresses of welcome from home and abroad, and documents regarding his life as a politician and working journalist.

The Museum is housed in the beautiful restored pre-penal church in Straide. Michael Davitt is buried in the old cemetery which lies in the shelter of Straide Abbey. The Museum welcomes tour-groups, school groups, and anyone who has an interest in Irish History.

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