Books And Souvenirs For Sale At The Museum

Our most popular book "Michael Davitt: Life and Achievements" is published by the Michael Davitt Memorial Association. It is a concise account of the patriots' life and work, and includes a list of significant dates in that life: It is priced at 6 Euro.

"Davitt" Author Bernard O'Hara, published by Mayo County Library, is a more in depth account of the life and times of Michael Davitt. It is priced at 18 Euro.

"Michael Davitt: Freelance Radical and Frondeur" Author Dr. Laurence Marley, published by Four Courts Press. This book traces the evolution of Davitts political thought in the context of international radicalism. It is priced at 45 Euro (currently out of stock, may be reprinted).

"Petticoat Rebellion" The Anna Parnell story. Author Patricia Groves, a participant in the recent Symposium held here at the Museum. Published by Mercier Press. It tells the story of the Ladies Land League, led by Anna Parnell. In this new study of an often-unheralded heroine, Patricia Groves explores the life of Anna Parnell, her relationship with her brother, Charles Stewart, and the forces that drove her to such remarkable feats. It is priced 12.99 Euro.

Michael Davit—New Perspectives, edited by Fintan Lane and Andrew Newby, and published by Irish Academic Press. It is a collection of Essays, that highlight areas of Davitt's life, which, up to now have remained in the background, such as his interaction with the Irish working class, his activism and influence in Scotland, his youth in Haslingden, Lancashire, and his views on Education in a "free Ireland" Contributors include Thomas Davitt, John Dunleavy, Dr. Laurence Marley, and many other esteemed historians. It is priced at 30 Euro.

"Michael Davitt" Author Carla King, and published by The Historical Association of Ireland, on behalf of University College, Dublin. It is a revised biography, outlining the scope of Davitts' interests and achievements, setting them in the contexts of time. It is designed to help students preparing for the Leaving Cert, GCE advanced levels, and for undergraduate history courses, as well as appealing to the happily insatiable appetite for new views of Irish History among the general public. It is priced at 17 Euro.

We also have a selection of Post-cards, Keyrings, Address books, Biros, bookmarks, and Fridge Magnets, CD's and pencils.

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