Achievements of Michael Davitt

Michael Davitt was a

  • Social reformer

  • Member of Parliament

  • Fenian

  • Author

  • GAA patron

  • Advocator of women's rights and reform within the prison system

  • Labour leader

  • International humanitarian

Here are some of his greatest achievements:

The Land League

Davitt led the Irish people in a fight against the Irish landlordism which had displaced his family and oppressed his fellow countrymen. A leading advocate of moral force and passive resistance his No Rent campaign and 'boycotting' eventually ended the Landlord System leaving the Irish tenant farmers to purchase their land - a dream cherished and for which they had fought.

Labour Rights Activist

Having suffered in an industrial accident himself (his right arm had to be amputated) Davitt was an avid supporter of labour rights and founded the Irish Democratic Trade and Labour Federation. Suggesting the formation of an All-Ireland Trade Union, Davitt paved the way for its formation in 1894.

Author, International Humanitarian

As an author, Davitt highlighted the plight of the underprivileged internationally including the Boers in South Africa, the Maoris in New Zealand, the Aborigines in Australia and the Jews in Russia, and people serving penal servitude. He was the author of six books, 'Leaves from a prison diary', 'Michael Davitt's speech before the Special Commission', 'Life and Progress in Australia', 'The Boer Fight for Freedom', 'Within the Pale', and 'The Fall of Feudalism in Ireland'.

GAA Patron

Michael Davitt also supported his home country, by becoming a patron of the Gaelic Athletic Association (G.A.A.) a sporting organisation that brought together nationalists from different towns, villages and counties in Ireland. While Davitt's name assured it's support, Davitt also offered financial help to the association.

Member of Parliament

Davitt was allowed to sit in Parliament only on the fourth time he was elected to the House. Representing the South Mayo constituency, his chief concerns were Home Rule, Social Reform and the Boer War over which he resigned his seat in protest.

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