Knock Museum

'A Museum within a Museum'

Knock Museum documents the story of the Knock Apparition of 1879 and places it in the context of life at that time.

Permanent Displays

  • Religious

  • Farming

  • Crafts

  • Housing

  • Clothing

Msgr James Horan

The development of Knock Shrine and the life and times of the late Msgr James Horan are given a special place in the Museum.

Gift Shop

There is a gift shop on the premises that offers for sale locally handmade items, including St. Brigid's crosses and candles, as well as a wide selection of postcards, a large stock of books about the Knock Apparition and the local area, and other souvenir items.

How to get there

Knock Shrine is situated on the N17 mid-way between Galway and Sligo.

Knock Museum is situated in Knock Shrine grounds, south of the Basilica.

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Knock Museum
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