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Mayo Abbey


Ancient Capital of County Mayo, Ireland


A survey carried out in 1996 identified 120 archaeological sites.

  • 3 megalithic tombs
  • Ring forts
  • Fulachta Fiadh
  • Souterrains
  • Killians (childrens' burial grounds)
  • Circular house sites
  • Stone Cairns
  • Ancient Field Systems

The most outstanding monument in the survey is the monastic site at Mayo Abbey which encloses an area of 11.4 hectacres, with its ancient grave slabs, some dating back over 1000 years.


This is an early Christian symbol called Chi-rho (first two characters of 'Christ' in the Greek) representing the Resurrection.

It is the Christian symbol X imposed on the earlier pagan symbol of the sun.

The Mayo Cross

This is a ninth century crosshead, 60cm (high) x 50cm (wide), with, on the front a raised relief of a Christ-like figure and two other figures; the back and sides have interlace drawing while on the top is the crouched figure of a lion. The crosshead is red-yellowish, described as free-armed Anglican type.

Both sides of the 'Mayo Cross' dated 8th Century

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