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Knock Museum

The Apparition in Context - Folklife

Knock, County Mayo, Ireland

Hen Backet


Tools used by: shoemaker, carpenter, blacksmith and basket-maker.


Most people in rural Ireland made a living by farming the land see plough, harrow, seeder, slanes, turf barrows and cleeves.


'A Museum within a Museum'

The thatched cottage built inside the Museum is a two-roomed dwelling typical of houses in County Mayo at the time of the Apparition with its roof of straw, half door, open fire and hag bed.

The Kitchen


  • Including a variety of household furniture . . . . . . See the handcarved wooden press made in Knock in 1918.


View examples of clothing worn in 1879 . . . . . A christening robe, handmade locally, an example of fine needlework.