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Knock Museum

The Apparition at Knock 1879

Knock, County Mayo, Ireland

What Happened

On the 21st August, 1879, 15 people, from the village of Knock, witnessed an apparition of Our Lady, St Joseph and St John the Evangelist at the South gable of Knock Parish Church. They watched the apparition for two hours, in the pouring rain and recited the Rosary.

The Commissions of Enquiry

Two commissions of enquiry were held and the evidence of the witnesses was found to be "upright and trustworthy".

Apparitional Documents & Artefacts in the Museum

Witnesses Accounts

Patrick Hill

"I am Patrick Hill. I live near Claremorris, my aunt lives near Knock. I remember the 21st August last, on that day I was drawing home turf from the bog on an ass…"

Mary Byrne

"I live in the village of Knock, to the east side of the chapel. Mary McLoughlin came on the evening of the 21st August to my house at about half past seven…"

Photo on right is Mary Byrne

Details of Cures

From 'The Weekly News' 1880


Items used in Knock Church


Communion tongs & cutters used in Knock Church, 1879

Wynne Collection of photographs showing Knock in 1879


Crutches left at gable wall by people cured at Knock, 1879