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Belcarra Eviction Cottage

Elmhall, Belcarra, County Mayo

Eviction Cottage

A 19th century eviction cottage at Elmhall, once the home of the Walshe family, who were evicted by the landlord's agents, has been restored and refurnished as a Heritage Centre, by Belcarra Community Co-Op.

Front of cottage before restoration

The cottage was the scene of the last eviction in Belcarra, where a family of nine were evicted by the Landlord's agents, the infamous Gardiner, Pringle and Cuffe on Saturday October 2nd 1886.

Cottage after restoration

Also restored is the 'tigin' which is a single room built at the time by the neighbours to house the evicted family.


Work commenced on the project on April 7th 1997 and was completed on March 19th 1999. Most of the work was carried out by the local Fás Scheme and fundraising for materials was done by the local community. Great care has been taken and much research done to have the cottage as authentic as possible.

Contents of the Cottage

The cottage is laid out as it was when in use before the eviction and there are life-sized cutouts in the cottage produced by local artist Bridie Geraghty.

You will also find the following:

  • Belcarra's History of Place Names
  • Griffith's Valuation of 1848
  • 1901 Census of Elmhall and Belcarra
  • Headstone inscriptions from local graveyards - Guesdian, Elmhall, Drum, Protestant.
  • Projects carried out by the Belcarra community Co-Op
    • Housing for the Elderly
    • Tobar an Bhaile
    • Fishing Area
    • River Walk