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Ballintubber Abbey

The Celtic Furrow
Visitor Centre

Ballintubber, County Mayo, Ireland

Why did a farmer spit on his hand whilst making a bargain at the fair?

Why do we break the wishbone of a chicken?

Why is the horseshoe a symbol of good luck?

Why do we wear masks at Hallowe'en?

The Celtic Furrow

  • Experience through models, the festivals of the Neolithic farmers of the Céide Fields (3,000 BC)
  • Journey through paintings into the celebrations of the cattlemen of the Celts (500 BC)
  • Reflect on the feasts of the early Christian period in gardens and fountains and explore the maze which traces 1,000 years of challenge and hardship
  • Recall the customs of 80 years ago and confront the future by reviewing our past

Guided Tours

Tracing 5,000 years of our culture:

  • Neolithic Farmers
  • Celtic Cattlemen
  • Golden Age of Christianity
  • Rural Ireland 80 years ago

Opening Hours

  • May - Sept open daily 10.30am - 5.00pm
  • Winter Programme

"God Bless all here except the Cat" - book

In turning the Celtic Furrow of our past, many things - folktales, customs, pisreogs, prayers, legends and superstitions bring to light a culture and a way of life that goes back thousands of years.

The 40 page book "God Bless all here except the Cat" and other tales from The Celtic Furrow - recalls many of these that are still in the consciousness of our people and even their lives, eg the horseshoe for good luck, the fear of the Robin coming into the home, the bonfire on John's Eve, the Masks at Hallowe'en and the good luck 'spit'.

You can order the book by sending a cheque for euro7.00 (US$7.50) to:

The Celtic Furrow Visitor Centre, Ballintubber, County Mayo, Ireland